My family – Cole, Kerry, and Thomas (Father’s Day 2018)

My family has deep roots in the Presbyterian Church that dates back to my grandfather, The Reverend Dr. Robert L. Stamper, PhD. Bob served as the President of New York Theological Seminary and on staff at Columbia Theological Seminary in the 1960s.

My father, The Reverend Dr. Bryan C. Stamper, PhD, currently serves Quest Presbyterian Church in Florida – now going on 40+ years in the same call. He earned his Master’s of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary and his PhD from Edinburgh University in Scotland.


Dr. Richards (Columbia Seminary president), my father (center) and grandfather (right)

My aunt, The Reverend Dr. Meda Stamper, PhD, earned her Master’s of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary and her doctorate from Princeton. She currently lives in England, serving a small local church and publishing material for discipleship.

I graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2003 and I earned a DMin in 2015.

Kerry and I have been married since 2003, spending the last several years in beautiful Southern California. We enjoy outdoor activities and we exercise together (we’re P90X fans!). We’re blessed with two boys of 13 and 9, both of whom still appreciate the magic of Christmas and the wonders of childhood. Our youngest loves trucks and sports; our oldest appreciates animals and the ocean. Both are in piano lessons; both keep us busy.

Cole and Thomas, Fall 2018.